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AKRAW CHEMICAL, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

  • Protecting your assets.
  • Compliance with quality parameters treated fluid and/or finished product
  • Security for the plant and in the community.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Lower cost and maximum benefit of applied products

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Akraw Minería y Siderúrgica

Mineral exploitation has very strict environmental and operational requirements

AKRAW CHEMICAL provides a wide range of polymers and products which are highly specialized for the mining and steel industry.

Chemical products AK-19

-19100 Lamination oils
-19200 Anti-foaming
-19300 Sepaating agents
-19400 Electrolytic detergents
-19500 Corrosion Inhibitors
-19600 Lubricants
-19700 Metal Working (Tooling)
-19800 Other applications

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