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AKRAW CHEMICAL, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

  • Protecting your assets.
  • Compliance with quality parameters treated fluid and/or finished product
  • Security for the plant and in the community.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Lower cost and maximum benefit of applied products

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The petroleum and gas industry requires technology and services that allows for cost reduction and to increase the benefit of its applications

AKRAW CHEMICAL was born at the right time to address this challenge, with a group of engineers who have experience in operation and application of products in field.

The chemical technologies that we can offer and deliver to the market cover the different areas of the petroleum industry: Drilling, cementation, production, stimulation and transportation.

The engineers of AKRAW CHEMICAL perform a physiochemical characterization of all fluid streams involved in the system, studying in detail the needs in the field, complemented by a flowchart. The analysis of this information allows us to determine the operating points of improvement and to design laboratory tests to select the appropriate products.

Chemical products Akraw®-20

Drilling Akraw®-201

akraw r ico-201100 Moisturizing agents
akraw r ico-201200 Anti-foaming
akraw r ico-201300 Bactericides
akraw r ico-201400 Filtrate control
akraw r ico-201450 Xanthan Gum
akraw r ico-201500 Degreaser
akraw r ico-201600 Emulsifiers Primary and Secundary
akraw r ico-201700 Corrosion Inhibitors
akraw r ico-201800 Inhibitor of clay swelling
akraw r ico-201900 Lubricants

Dewatering Akraw®-202

akraw r ico-202100 Acids
akraw r ico-202200 Organic and Inorganic coagulants
akraw r ico-202300 Flocculants

Production Akraw®-203

akraw r ico-203100 Demulsifiers
akraw r ico-203200 Anti-foaming
akraw r ico-203300 Bactericides
akraw r ico-203400 H2S removers
akraw r ico-203500 Corrosion Inhibitors
akraw r ico-203600 Incrustration Inhibitors
akraw r ico-203700 Reverse Breakers
akraw r ico-203800 Other applications

Specialties Akraw®-204

akraw r ico-204100 Inhibitors and Paraffins dispersants
akraw r ico-204200 Inhibitors and asphaltines dispersants
akraw r ico-204300 Flow improvers
akraw r ico-204400 Viscocity Reducers

Laboratory Equipment

For the most appropriate selection of centrifuges and demulsifiers we have bain-marie , allowing us to simulate the process of separating water and oil

The reliability and accuracy of the physicochemical analysis allows us to make the necessary adjustments to place the variables under control.

Akraw Equipos de laboratorio

Virtual Control of variables

The result of the physicochemical analyzes in the field are recorded in the software " Virtual control of Variables " VCV- where our customers have access to view and analyze the process control charts, the historical behavior of the critical variables and corrective actions in case of deviation

In the specific case of the petroleum industry, for example, the client can see the demulsification dosis and BSW at the exit of the equipment

Akraw Control Virtual de Variables CVV

Chemical dosing Equipment

To obtain the best relationship with cost/benefit, AKRAW CHEMICAL provides equipment for preparation, dosification and control which allows us to optimize the consumption of the products.

Akraw Servicio en CampoAkraw Sapp Liquido y Dosiport

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