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AKRAW CHEMICAL, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

  • Protecting your assets.
  • Compliance with quality parameters treated fluid and/or finished product
  • Security for the plant and in the community.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Lower cost and maximum benefit of applied products

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The pulp and paper industry is divided in 4 main sectors: pulp fabrication, writing paper fabrication, toilet paper fabrication and liner and corrugated carton fabrication. Each machine is a world of its own, thus its necessary that the engineers at AKRAW QUÍMICA SAS study the machine's chemistry  complemented by a Process Flow Diagram. This information is analyzed and certain operating points are selected for improvement. Lastly, laboratory experiments are designed in order to select the appropriate products.

Due to the quality standards demanded by the market, the fabrication of the different types of paper is increasingly demanding, thus motivating the chemical and mechanical industries to develop and ameliorate continuously the paper industry techonolgies.

Chemical products Akraw®-16

akraw r ico-16100 Wet strength agents
akraw r ico-16200 Retention agents and dry strength
akraw r ico-16300 Defoamers
akraw r ico-16400 Bactericides and biodispersants
akraw r ico-16500 Load scavengers
akraw r ico-16600 Optical brighteners
akraw r ico-16700 Sizing
akraw r ico-16800 Cleaners garments
akraw r ico-16900 Resins and oils release coating
akraw r ico-161100 Softeners
akraw r ico-161200 Other applications

Laboratory Equipment

To make the appropriate selection in the laboratory and an adequate follow up in the applications of  scavenger load, drainage agents, physical resistance and retention, AKRAW QUÍMICA SAS owns the primordial equipment: Brit Jar y PDC.

For microbiological control with immediate in situ answer and technology selection at the laboratory, we own a  HY-LITE® luminometer which offers tranquility and helps to avoid a lost of reputation and trust in our products.

Akraw Equipos de laboratorio para el control biológico

Virtual control variables

With the objective to facilitate the follow up of the critical variables, AKRAW CHEMICAL developed the software Virtual Control Variables, (VCV-), to enable our clients to have direct access.

Akraw Control Virtual de Variables CVV

Quality Assurance Technology

Bactericidal for microbiological control of paper machines based on glutaraldehyde , isothiazoline , THPS and others are marketed under the brand of the producer DOW logo

Service in field and Equipments

The technical service engineers using the equipment for preparation, dosification, and contol are focused to optimize the consumption and achieve the maximum effectiveness in the application of chemical products in plant.

Akraw Servicio en Campo Akraw Sistema automático de preparación de polímeros sapp Akraw Sistema automático de preparación de polímeros liquido

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