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AKRAW CHEMICAL, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

  • Protecting your assets.
  • Compliance with quality parameters treated fluid and/or finished product
  • Security for the plant and in the community.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Lower cost and maximum benefit of applied products

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Akraw Azúcar y Bioetanol

AKRAW CHEMICAL designs programs of chemical treatment for the different necessities of the sugar industry.

  1. The microbiological control in mills is aimed at decreasing sucrose losses in milling . With the application of bactericides and different drug substances : Glutaraldehyde, Ditiocarabamatos, quaterary Ammonium, we control the growth of microorganisms such as Leuconostoc.

  2. for the process of  clarification of  juice , cane syrup , filtering and liquor we perform a characterization of turbidity of the fluid to the entry and exit of equipment , complemented by a flowchart. The analysis of this information allows us to determine the operating points of improvement and make the design of test samples in the laboratory, to select the appropriate flocculant

  3. Maintaining a high rate of milling and longer operating time between stops for cleaning equipment  is achieved with the use of antifouling , which reduce fouling evaporators and heaters.

  4. To reduce the operating time in cans, we can apply surfactants that reduce the viscosity of the masses.

  5. The technical knowledge and experience with the use of organic and inorganic bleaches for the sugar refining process  allows us to optimize consumption and increase the effectiveness of applied decolorantres in plant

  6. In the fermentation of must, for maximum efficiency in production of alcohol, it  should be under the control for microbiological contamination and levels of foam

Chemical products Akraw®-15

akraw r ico-15100 Bactericides and antibiotics
akraw r ico-15200 Defoamers and dispersants
akraw r ico-15300 Antifouling and dispersants for heaters, evaporators and distillation towers
akraw r ico-15400 Phosphate contributors
akraw r ico-15500 Activated carbon and filter earth
akraw r ico-15600 Organic and oxidizing bleaches for liquor
akraw r ico-15700 Flocculants for juice, cane syrup, filtering and liquor
akraw r ico-15800 Viscosity reducers masses
akraw r ico-15900 Other applications

Laboratory equipment

For microbiological control of mills, we have specialized laboratories to perform the analysis

Akraw Juego de Probetas Esmeriladas

The set of frosted beakers for simple mechanical action, to obtain a perfect homogenizing, is very  usefull for the selection of flocculant polymers for juice.

Virtual control variables

With the objective to facilitate the follow up of the critical variables, AKRAW CHEMICAL developed the software Virtual Control Variables, (VCV-), to enable our clients to have direct access.

Akraw Control Virtual de Variables CVV

Service operations and equipment

The technical service engineers using the equipments of preparation, dosification, and control are focused to optimize the consumption and achieve the maximum effectiveness in the application of chemical products in plant.

Akraw Servicio en Campo

Akraw Sistemas de Dosificación Especiales

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