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Chemical Technologies for Tanneries

AKRAW CHEMICAL SAS, designs enzymes play a fundamental role in the detergent industry, as they contribute significantly to the effectiveness of these cleaning products.

In particular, enzymes are used to break down and remove difficult stains such as fats, proteins and starch, respectively.

These enzymes act on each type of stain specifically, which improves the cleaning capacity of detergents and allows clothes to be washed at lower temperatures, saving energy.

Additionally, enzymes help reduce the amount of harsh chemicals needed in detergents, which benefits both the environment and users’ skin.

AKRAW CHEMICAL SAS, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

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Laboratory equipment

For microbiological control of mills, we have specialized laboratories to perform the analysis.

The set of frosted beakers for simple mechanical action, to obtain a perfect homogenizing, is very  usefull for the selection of flocculant polymers for juice.

Virtual control variables

With the objective to facilitate the follow up of the critical variables, AKRAW CHEMICAL developed the software Virtual Control Variables, (VCV-AKRAW), to enable our clients to have direct access.

Service operations and equipment

The technical service engineers using the equipments of preparation, dosification, and control are focused to optimize the consumption and achieve the maximum effectiveness in the application of chemical products in plant.