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Chemical Technologies for industry Textile

AKRAW CHEMICAL SAS, designs Chemical Treatment Programs for the different needs of the textile industry.

The textile industry uses a wide variety of chemicals in its processes. These include bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, used to remove impurities and improve the color of fabrics.

Synthetic dyes and colorants are also used, which provide a wide range of bright and long-lasting colors. However, it is crucial to control and manage these products responsibly to minimize their environmental impact and ensure the safety of workers and consumers.

AKRAW CHEMICAL SAS, develops, produces, and comercializes chemical technology accompanied with specialized technical service and a system of dosifications, that help us guarantee:

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Laboratory equipment

For microbiological control of mills, we have specialized laboratories to perform the analysis.

The set of frosted beakers for simple mechanical action, to obtain a perfect homogenizing, is very  usefull for the selection of flocculant polymers for juice.

Virtual control variables

With the objective to facilitate the follow up of the critical variables, AKRAW CHEMICAL developed the software Virtual Control Variables, (VCV-AKRAW), to enable our clients to have direct access.

Service in field and Equipments

The technical service engineers using the equipment for preparation, dosification, and contol are focused to optimize the consumption and achieve the maximum effectiveness in the application of chemical products in plant.